Naked, Filthy and Strapped to a Chair for 46 Hours: A Mentally Ill Inmate's Last Days
Date:  08-28-2017

Shortage of long-term mental health facilities often leads to the arrest and imprisonment of those with mental illness
From The Los Angeles Times:

For 46 hours, Andrew Holland’s legs and arms were shackled to a chair in the San Luis Obispo County jail.

The inmate, who suffered from schizophrenia, was left in his own filth, eating and drinking almost nothing. He was naked, except for a helmet and mask covering his face and a blanket that slipped off his lap, exposing him to jail staff who passed by his glass-fronted cell.

When he was finally unbound, guards dumped him to the floor of a nearby cell. Within 40 minutes, he had stopped breathing. Continue reading >>>