Louisiana Is Reviewing 16,000 Sentences in Preparation Pending Criminal Justice Reforms
Date:  08-18-2017

Forty-five percent of stat's prison sentences will be examined
From Daily Caller:

Louisiana is reviewing 16,000 inmates for sentence reduction or release in anticipation of the state’s massive criminal justice reforms taking effect in November.

The 10-bill justice reform package passed in the spring drastically reduces sentences for non-violent criminals in hopes to cut the state’s highest-in-the-country incarceration rate. The changes will be applied retroactively once they take effect Nov. 1, and the state has begun preemptively reviewing sentences for more than 45 percent of the state’s prison population, according to The Times-Picayune.

The state estimates that up to 4,000 inmates will be release outright by the end of 2017, on top of the 1,500 inmates who typically reach the end of their sentences each month. But many of the 16,000 cases won’t change, according to Public Safety and Corrections Secretary Jimmy LeBlanc. Continue reading>>>