Council of State Governments Regional Council Brings CT Governor and Founder of JustleadershipUSA Together to Discuss Criminal Justice Reform
Date:  08-16-2017

Successes touted, but better collaboration with labor market recommended to help returning citizens find employment
From The Day:

Glenn E. Martin’s life story might have been much different were it not for a correctional counselor he encountered at age 22.

A month after a judge called Martin incorrigible and sentenced him to six years, the counselor placed a hand on his shoulder and offered simple advice: “You should go to college.”

Martin, taken aback, ultimately listened to the counselor’s advice. He went on to found JustLeadershipUSA, which is working to cut the country’s correctional population in half by 2030.

Still, the New York City native said he could have benefitted from earlier intervention.

“I didn’t learn how to pull a gun until someone pulled a gun on me,” he said. “I wish there was a moment where the community embraced me and helped me deal with that trauma. It’s not an excuse, but that trauma goes somewhere, it calcifies. And sometimes it presents itself as offending behavior.” Martin was one of four panelists, including Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, who on Monday discussed criminal justice at the Council of State Governments’ Eastern Regional Conference at Mohegan Sun. Continue reading >>>: