Jailed to Death: An Examination of 51 Deaths in N.C. Jails That Could Have Been Prevented
Date:  08-08-2017

Each death is attributed to people in jail left unsupervised against jail regulations
From The News & Observer:

It couldn’t have been any clearer to Wilkes County jail staff that Emily Jean Call intended to kill herself.

She had been arrested on April 16, 2012, for missing a court date. Call had told detention officers then that she was high on crystal methamphetamine and wanted to kill herself. She had cut her wrist two weeks earlier, requiring a trip to the emergency room, state records show.

After two days in jail, she told medical staff she was sick, fatigued and depressed, feeling like she was going to have a nervous breakdown. The county’s mental health provider was no longer offering services at the jail, which meant no one was available to treat her mounting depression, the records show.

She should have been watched closely – at least four times an hour, according to state regulations. But Call, 32, a mother of two struggling with drug addiction, went unwatched for more than an hour. She slipped away to a bathroom in a common area, slung a bed sheet over a water pipe, tied it around her neck, stood on a toilet and stepped off.

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