Johnny Perez: Why Higher Education in Prison Is an Essential Part of Rehabilitation
Date:  06-28-2017

Formerly incarcerated person asserts a second chance at education not only saves lives but also taxpayers' dollars
A second chance at education not only saves lives but also taxpayers’ dollars

From The Hill:

Give the incarcerated a chance at an education


I have heard it said that one cannot place a value on education, but when it comes to education versus incarceration, you actually can.

Taxpayers save five dollars on incarceration costs for every dollar invested in prison education, and incarcerated people who take educational courses in prison are 43 percent less likely to return.

As a teenager, I skipped class and was suspended often until I eventually dropped out during my sophomore year.

At 16 years old, I was not thinking about band camp or karate class; I was thinking about helping my mother who worked two jobs to support my three younger siblings and me. I sold drugs in my community like many of my friends in the same predicament.

I received my GED on Rikers Island , reentered the streets no more reformed than when I had left them and was incarcerated at a maximum security prison for robbery charges shortly thereafter. Continue reading >>>