Criminal Justice System Fails When Children Forced to Raise Themselves When Mom Goes to Jail
Date:  06-27-2017

Report finds that too often children are left alone and raising themselves and minor siblings
From Dallas Morning News:

At age 12, Kylia Booker knew enough to keep her head down and her mouth shut.

Braid your sisters’ pigtails. Get them on the school bus. Walk half a mile to the convenience store to buy groceries with the food-stamp card.

Don’t let anyone know you and the babies are home alone ’cause Mama is in jail again.

For nearly a month, Kylia and her two young sisters lived alone in a rented house in Arlington. No one involved in jailing their mother — not the police, not the courts, not the sheriff’s department — ever checked on them.

It was not the first, the last, or even the most dangerous time that the Booker sisters were overlooked by adults who put their mother in jail.

“We were really thrown to the wolves, if you think about it,” says Kylia, now 21. When her mother got arrested, she says, “it was always worse for us.”

No one in the criminal justice system is responsible for the safety of children whose mothers go to jail, an investigation by The Dallas Morning News has found. Not in North Texas, and not in most communities across the country. Continue reading >>>