Transgender People Speak on the Brutality in Immigrant Detainee Centers
Date:  06-12-2017

The closing of the only ICE immigration center for transgender people is met with mixed reactions
From VICE Magazine:

One excruciatingly hot day in June 2015, Gretta Soto Moreno returned in a state of distress to her cell in Eloy, a grim privately run immigration detention center south of Phoenix. A volunteer from a local immigration support group had been visiting, and visits usually buoyed her spirits. But that day Soto Moreno had felt threatened by a fellow detainee in the visiting room—men at Eloy had been sending menacing notes to gay and transgender detainees, and she was growing increasingly fearful. Worse, she suspected that a guard at the facility, someone she claims had sexually harassed her in the past, had purposefully arranged for the frightening encounter.

For two long years, Soto Moreno had kept her feelings bottled up. There was the stress of knowing violence might be just around the corner, the anger rooted in the administration's casual indifference, and the torment of never knowing when she'd get out. Would she be released on parole? Would she be granted asylum? Would she be allowed to return to her life in the United States, the one she'd built for herself over the past decade—finally dressing and living as the woman she really was?

In a haze of emotion, Soto Moreno picked up a razor that she had hidden in her cell—she used it to shave—and sat down on the toilet to pee. Then she saw a part of herself she'd always hated. Her hands did the rest. Continue reading >>>