How the U.S. Can and Should Greatly Reduce Mass Probation
Date:  06-10-2017

Over four million Americans are on probation
From Juvenile Justice Information Exchange:

As America grapples with its overreliance on incarceration and advocates call for the end of mass incarceration, we must also focus on reducing all criminal justice involvement, including probation. By far the largest segment of the criminal justice system in America is probation. There are more than seven million people in the country under the control of the criminal justice system. More than half, just under four million, are not in prison but under the supervision of probation.

Although probation is technically an alternative to incarceration, most people on probation have spent time in custody prior to being released onto probation supervision and many more end up incarcerated for technical violations of probation. And the growth of probation has even outpaced the enormous increase in the prison population. Continue reading >>>