Prison Fellowship, ACLU, and NAACP Fight "Immoral" Prison System
Date:  04-12-2017

Launch of Second Chance Month brings diverse groups together
From The Christian Post:

Gathered in the First Amendment Room at the National Press Club Thursday in front of about 20 people, Prison Fellowship announced its initiative "Second Chance Month," which aims to draw awareness and call for reform of the mountains of obstacles prisoners face trying to reenter society after serving their sentences. Craig DeRoche, former Michigan House Speaker and Senior Vice President for Policy and Advocacy for Prison Fellowship hailed the meeting as important to who we are as Americans.

"Today, 65 million American adults have a criminal record, that is one in four adults," Deroche said.

After people have paid their debt to society, they should be restored to citizenship, he continued, "but in America today, we tolerate the polar opposite

"Each of our fellow citizens who has a criminal record is subjected to a life sentence of seemingly indiscriminate and debilitating punishment," he added, holding up a 24 foot-long scroll of over 24,000 federal, state, and local legal restrictions and regulations that weigh on those who have records. Continue reading >>>