Victims of Domestic Violence and Sex Abuse Call for Seat at the Table When Prison Reform Is Discussed
Date:  04-10-2017

Victims' rights advocates support policies that reduce recidivism and increase public safety
From The Hill:

Criminal justice reform is hailed as the one policy area where conservatives and progressives can still reach across the aisle and find consensus.

The movement has supporters all across the ideological spectrum, from business associations to faith-based organizations, civil rights groups to limited-government advocates. But until recently, one group has largely been left out of the conversation: victims.

And that’s a missed opportunity for justice reform advocates. Because we support many of the policies they endorse. This week is National Crime Victims Rights’ week, and it just so happens that April is Second Chance Month. So it seems appropriate to remind the nation that improved reentry policies for the formerly incarcerated and the objectives of victims’ groups are rooted in the same goal: to improve public safety. Read more >>>