Free Time Sensitive Access to Journal Article on Positive Outcomes for Youths After Detention Available
Date:  02-12-2017

Article focuses on sex and racial/ethnic differences
From the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention:

JAMA Pediatrics is providing free 2-week access (February 3 to 20) to a new article that examines the achievement of 8 positive outcomes in delinquent youth 5 and 12 years after detention, focusing on sex and racial/ethnic differences. The article is based on findings from the Northwestern Juvenile Project, the first large-scale longitudinal study of mental health outcomes of delinquent youth after detention. The researchers found that only 54.7 percent of females and 21.9 percent of males had achieved more than half of the outcomes. The findings also show persistent racial/ethnic disparities among youth in achieving positive outcomes, with African-American and Hispanic males faring more poorly overall than non-Hispanic white males. The study recommends that stakeholders help delinquent youth to not only desist from crime but also to overcome barriers to social stability and employment.

Read the article here.