Fear of Rise in Private Prisons Growing Over Trump's Belief That They "Work Better"
Date:  01-18-2017

Trump's immigrant deportation plan can also be a boon for private prison contractors
From Juvenile Justice Information Exchange:

The private prison industry may end up being one of the winners under the incoming Trump administration, though it’s not clear how or when the new administration will act.

Stocks of for-profit prison operators tumbled after the U.S. Department of Justice announced in August that it would no longer house federal inmates in private lockups. But they rebounded after the Electoral College upset in November by Donald Trump, who campaigned on pledges to crack down on crime and step up deportations of undocumented immigrants — many of whom are held in detention centers run by for-profit operators.

It could be a shot in the arm for an industry that has been looking for new markets as inmate populations shrink and critics have successfully pushed back against corporate-run prisons in several states. Continue reading >>>