Former Corrections Officer Indicted for Leaking a Graphic Video of Men in Prison Being Tear Gassed
Date:  01-14-2017

After the incident the Texas Department of Criminal Justice admitted errors were made in the gassing
(Note from Reentry Central’s Editor: Some might find the graphic video disturbing.)

From Houston Television Station ABC 13 Eyewitness News:

A former corrections officer is facing a potential two to 10 years in Texas prison for his alleged role in allowing the public to see a 2015 prison tear gassing.

Elderick Brass was indicted late last year and appeared in felony court Wednesday morning. His attorney is urging the new Harris County District Attorney to dismiss the case calling, it "retaliation" from TDCJ.

In May 2015, two groups of inmates were gearing up for a fight inside the Pam Lynchner State Jail. TDCJ corrections officers urged the inmates to get in bed and warned tear gas would be used if they didn't follow orders. According to prison system policy, a TDCJ employee was recording video of the whole incident.

Sparks flew when the tear gas round hit an inmate in the chest. The inmate was treated for injuries in a hospital and returned to prison. Photographs show the inmate bloodied and bruised.

When the video leaked to ABC13 in August 2015,TDCJ admitted 'several mistakes' were made that night. Coninue reading >>>