The Hill’s Nine Top Criminal Justice Stories of 2016
Date:  01-03-2017

From marijuana reform to Trump’s choice for Attorney General, take a look back at issues that had the whole country talking
From The Hill:

1. Trump picks Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

Donald Trump’s pick for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has been lauded by conservatives and criticized by liberals. Sessions’ prior comments on the KKK, civil rights lawyers and immigration, have made him an easy target for progressive attacks on Trump’s cabinet. His appointment, and Trump’s law-and-order campaign rhetoric leaves open the question: is criminal justice reform dead.

2. Sheriff David Clarke at the RNC

The Milwaukee County Sheriff won the hearts of millions of conservatives and raised his national political profile when he delivered his speech in primetime on Day # of the Republican National Convention. Clarke, long a critic of Black Lives Matter and progressives who critique police practices, became a lightning rod for pro law-and-order conservatives. Clarke was at one point on the short list to head the Department of Homeland Security having met with President-elect Trump in November.

3. Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement, birthed in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict, became a major player in national politics in 2016. Black Lives Matter published policy platform in August and was a constant topic of discussion in national politics and criminal justice reform. The movement even took on Obama’s position on foreign asylum seekers. All this despite being a focal point for conservative disdain Continue reading >>>