D.C. Wants to Bar Landlords from Refusing to Rent to Applicants Who Have a Criminal Record
Date:  12-14-2016

Proposed law would "level the playing field" in D.C., where housing is hard to come by
From The Washington Post:

Two years after the District made it harder for private employers to reject job applicants with criminal histories, the D.C. Council wants to put similar restrictions on landlords, barring them from automatically denying housing to ex-offenders whose conviction records date back more than seven years.

The legislation, given initial approval by the council Tuesday night, also would prohibit rental-property owners from summarily rejecting prospective tenants who have more recent criminal backgrounds.

In those cases, often involving newly released prisoners, landlords would have to base decisions on guidelines that are included in the statute. And housing applicants who think they have been illegally turned down could appeal to the city’s Office of Human Rights, possibly resulting in financial penalties for property owners.

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