Will Black Lives Matter Under Sessions?
Date:  11-25-2016

Fears from people of color and progressives are that prospective Attorney General will set back reform gains dramatically
From The Daily Beast

Donald Trump’s pick for attorney general, Sen. Jeff Sessions, is the human embodiment of the phrase “all lives matter.” And as head of the Justice Department, he will have the power to radically change how the federal government oversees law enforcement, prosecutes drug offenders, and handles voting issues. Changes are coming. And it’s safe to assume that whatever the Black Lives Matter movement wants, Sessions wants the opposite.

Though progressive groups and Democrats are appalled by Sessions’s nomination, it’s unlikely they will be able to stop his confirmation. Sessions just needs to get 51 votes in the Senate, and thus far, none of the chamber’s Republicans say they will oppose him.

Over his decades in public life, Sessions has taken stances that are the antithesis of the Black Lives Matter movement—opposing criminal justice reform, supporting strict sentences for drug offenders, and telegraphic skepticism about the need for special federal protections for LGBT people. And from his perch at the Justice Department, Sessions will be able to impact how the federal government interacts with millions of people in their daily lives. Read more >>