Must Read Report: Transforming the Criminal Justice System
Date:  10-21-2016

Interactive report offers solutions for problems that plague the criminal Justice System
From The Opportunity Agenda:

Our criminal justice system must keep all communities safe, foster prevention and rehabilitation, and ensure fair and equal justice. But in too many places and in too many ways, our system is falling short of that mandate with devastating consequences.

The United States is saddled with an outdated, unfair, and bloated criminal justice system that drains resources and disrupts communities. We are at a critical moment as America’s experiment with mass incarceration is being scrutinized and critiqued as never before.

Our new interactive report, “Transforming the System,” examines the American public discourse on criminal justice, outlines a range of policy solutions for transforming our outdated and unjust criminal justice policies, and provides ideas for how to talk about them. It is a communication tool for promoting a shared narrative on transforming the criminal justice system into one that reflects our values of equal justice, accountability, and fairness. It adopts an intersectional and holistic approach that ensures that a variety of perspectives and experiences are reflected in our demands to transform the criminal justice system. We are excited to share our new report with you. We are at a moment where true change can be realized. Read the full report here.