On Yom Kippur: Criminal Justice Reform for a New Year
Date:  10-12-2016

Rabbi asserts America's criminal punishment needs "teshuvah"
The following article by Rabbi Jill Jacobs originally appeared in Religion News Service on October 10, 2016.

“Do you want to press charges?”

The police officer posed this question after we discovered that the person who had used my Social Security number to open and max out a number of credit cards was a formerly trusted colleague.

No, I didn’t want to press charges. I wanted my former co-worker to explain to me why she had violated my trust. I wanted her to relieve me of the hassle of calling fraud departments and filing paperwork to scrub my credit. I wanted to live in a society in which a single mom working full time would not need to charge groceries and gas to a stolen credit card.

But who would benefit if she went to prison?

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