"The Best Guard at My Prison Was Murdered"
Date:  10-04-2016

A man serving a life sentence pays homage to a fallen correctional officer
(Editor’s note: Reentry Central has posted articles about people who are incarcerated being brutalized, even killed, by correctional officers. There is a flipside, as told poignantly in the article below.)

From The Marshall Project)

The Best Guard at My Prison Was Murdered

By Christopher Dye

Timothy. His first name was Timothy. I hadn’t known that. They punish us for using guards’ first names.

Full disclosure: I’ve lived in a cage since 1996, facing multiple life sentences for crimes for which I remain accountable. I’m responsible for that. I’ve been in solitary confinement since 2010 for killing another prisoner who stabbed me during my morning prayer. (Under Texas law, a prisoner can be prosecuted for capital murder when he kills another prisoner, even if it's in self-defense.) I will likely die in a solitary cage someday, and I’m responsible for that, too.

What I’m not responsible for is the death of one of the best guards in my prison.

On Tuesday, July 14, 2015, Officer Davison escorted me from the dayroom back to my cell. He had just visited his daughters in Chicago, and he was really happy — he kept talking about what a great visit it had been. They couldn’t go to the annual Ribfest festival, though, because he’d needed to head back to work.

He was murdered the next day.

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