Hiring Formerly Incarcerated People Has a Wide Range of Benefits Including Saving Millions and Boosting the Economy
Date:  09-22-2016

Recidivism rates for those employed right after release from prison plummet
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"Around 70 million Americans have some sort of criminal record. It means millions of Americans have difficulty even getting their foot in the door to try to get a job, much less actually hang on to that job. That's bad for not only those individuals—it's bad for our economy; it's bad for the communities that desperately need more role models who are gainfully employed. So we've got to make sure Americans who've paid their debt to society can earn their second chance." — President Barack Obama

One of the most distinctive features of the WhenPeopleWork system is its ability to create ongoing social-impact measurements and analytics, which are essential for government policy makers. The research data will allow public-sector participants to measure and evaluate their investment in prisoner re-entry employment in terms of the program’s success.

The company will pledge up to 10 percent of all pre-tax profit derived from WhenPeopleWork to programs and organizations dedicated to assisting incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people and their families, including programs for prisoner education, public defense, restorative justice, and criminal justice reform.

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