How a Woman Who Is Serving Life Raised Her Daughter from Behind Bars
Date:  08-16-2016

Into her 23rd year of incarceration, Michelle West is still an important part of her daughter's life
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(Full disclosure: Reentry Central’s Managing Editor knows Michelle West and is an advocate for her to receive clemency.)

Ten-year-old Miquelle West knew something was wrong when her mother didn’t pick her up from school.

On a breezy May day in 1993, she stood outside her prep school in a Detroit suburb, watching as her classmates caught rides home. The afternoon bled into evening as her friends waved goodbye. Before long, she was the only kid left waiting.

Finally, a family friend drove up. “She looked like somebody had passed away,” Miquelle told me. “I could tell something wasn’t right.”

That was the last day Miquelle saw her mother, Michelle West, outside of prison. After dropping her off at school that morning, West was arrested on drug conspiracy and murder charges. She was convicted and sentenced to life in prison, and she’s lived behind bars for the past 23 years. Continue reading