Soft Skills Builder Provides Employment Tips for Justice-Involved Individuals
Date:  06-08-2016

Blogs offer helpful information for justice-involved people and career specialists who work with them
At a recent meeting of the Greater Bridgeport (Connecticut) Reentry Collaborative, Reentry Central’s Managing Editor engaged in a conversation about obstacles to employment for people with a criminal record with Lucy Baney, co-founder of the Soft Skills Builders blog and President and CEO of Access Technologies Group, Inc. During the conversation Codianni learned about Soft kills Builder blogs specifically geared to justice involved individuals.

Reentry Central would like to share these blogs with our readers and we encourage our readers to visit the Soft Skills Builders website to find more informative blogs regarding employment issues for veterans, youth and young adults, people with disabilities, people recovering from addiction, and also for career professionals.

The following are the latest blogs for justice-involved individuals from Soft Skills Builder:

  • 5 Steps to Talking to Your Supervisor About Your Criminal Record

  • Be Honest Without Revealing More Than Required on Job Applications

  • What is a Letter of Explanation and Why Should I use One?

  • Answering Questions About Your Criminal History During a Job Interview

  • Stay Positive and Productive While Looking for Work

  • Successful Re-Entry Demands a Change in Attitudes and Behaviors