What We Should Know, But Don't, About the Criminal Justice System
Date:  05-17-2016

The Marshall Project offers up 13 questions that no one, including the Government, can answer
From the Marshall Project’s article 13 Important Questions About Criminal Justice We Can’t Answer:

“The open secret is that we know very little about much of how the criminal justice system operates in America. These aren’t things the government knows and won’t tell us (though there are plenty of those, too). It’s because state, local and federal governments, which ought to rely on data to inform the policies they enact, just don’t know.

In some cases, the federal government commissions criminal justice surveys that offer national estimates, often years after the fact. But the kind of granular, local, real-time data that powers most industries is all but absent. The number of times police use force or shoot someone in the line of duty are just the most obvious examples in our current national conversation.”

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