San Francisco School District Developing Programs and Curricula Aimed at Children with Incarcerated Parents
Date:  01-20-2016

Providing supportive services to the school children and connecting incarcerated parents with their children and teachers is goal of innovative program
From Takepart January 14, 2016

Teachers often ask kids in school what their parents do or to draw a picture of their family. It’s a curriculum that seems harmless enough, but for students with incarcerated parents, activities like these can cause a great deal of pain, without instructors even knowing it.

Matt Haney, president of the San Francisco Unified School District, recalled how one student was asked to write a story about his family and made it up instead of writing about his imprisoned father.

“Even with parent-teacher conferences, teachers will ask, ‘Where’s your parent?’ or ‘How come they’re not here?’ ” Haney told TakePart. “As a school district, we’re not really talking about it or how teachers need to handle those situations.” Read more