(Update 12-18-15: Ramona Brant to be Free on 4-16-16) A Battered Woman Fights Against Her Life Sentence
Date:  12-15-2015

Even Ramona Brant's judge opposed such a harsh sentence
Update: On December 18, 2015 President Obama commuted Ramona Brant's life sentence. Ramona Brant's sentence will expire on April 16, 2016.

In an interview posted in Fusion on December 10, Ramona Brant asked reporter Casey Tolan, “How do you sentence someone to life in prison when the only violence in the whole case was against me,” adding, “The only people hurt were me and my children.”

A battered woman, Ramona Brant is one of many sentenced to life in prison for a first time, non-violent drug offense. Brant has already served 21 years. In prison Brant was a choir director for the Protestant women serving time with her. Articulate, intelligent and well respected by prison staff, she poses no threat to society. Even the judge who sentenced her has stated that her sentence was “counterproductive,” and wished he could give her a downward departure, but the law forbid it. (Full disclosure: Reentry Central Managing Editor has known Brant for over two decades.)

Tolan digs deep into Brant’s life and the tangled web of conspiracy charges that put people in prison without hope of getting out. But Brant still clings to the hope that President Obama will grant her clemency. Tolan’s article gives a solid argument for why he should.

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