If Your State Was a Country Where Would It Rank on the Global List of the Incarceration Rate of Women?
Date:  11-20-2015

Report and infographic explains America’s over incarceration of women in the global context
Via Prison Policy Institute November 18, 2015

New infographic & report: How does women’s incarceration in your state compare to countries across the world?

by Aleks Kajstura

Easthampton MA — How does your state compare to the international community when it comes to incarcerating women? Not very well, says a new infographic and report from the Prison Policy Initiative.

The report, States of Women’s Incarceration: The Global Context,” shows that every American state is out of step with the rest of the world. While there are important differences in the extent and rate at which different U.S. states incarcerate women, there are also differences between how American states, and the country as a whole, compare with most other nations in their propensity to incarcerate women.

“Our analysis shows that even states which seem to incarcerate women less than others in the U.S. are in fact incredibly punitive once that isolationist worldview is broadened,” said Aleks Kajstura, Legal Director of the Prison Policy Initiative. “Every single state incarcerates women at a rate that far exceeds international norms.”

This report is the first to directly put individual U.S. states’ rates of incarcerating women in the global context. The report draws on international statistics from the London-based Institute for Criminal Policy Research, state-level data from the U.S. Census Bureau for interstate and international incarceration comparisons, and historical data from various sources for a detailed look at the U.S.’s past record on women’s incarceration. Read more