In Case You Missed It, Prison Labor: Cost Effective or Costly?
Date:  09-07-2015

Every day is laborious for prison workers who make pennies an hour
Like millions of Americans, the staff at Reentry Central has Labor Day off. However, in case you missed it, we wanted to repost this article that appeared in Reentry Central on January 6, 2015 as we reflect on those incarcerated men and women who are often ignored when it comes to honoring America’s workforce.

Prison Labor: Cost Effective or Costly?

The premise behind prison labor is to save millions of dollars by having people in prison manufacture goods that corrections can sell at a hefty profit, thereby reducing the money taxpayers contribute to incarceration costs. An investigation by the Seattle Times blew holes in that premise when it discovered that Washington State's prison labor force failed to live up to many promises, including not harming the private sector and reduction of recidivism.

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