Breaking News: Connecticut Supreme Court Overturns Death Penalty for All
Date:  08-13-2015

Eleven men on death row still faced execution under 2012 law
In 2012 Connecticut abolished the death penalty for future crimes but let stand the pending executions of 11 men already on death row. One of the men, Eduardo Santiago, filed an appeal, with his lawyers arguing that executing Santiago amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy issued a statement in opposition to the Connecticut Supreme Court’s ruling, saying,“Today is a somber day where our focus should not be on the 11 men sitting on death row, but with their victims and those surviving families members. My thoughts and prayers are with them during what must be a difficult day.”

Malloy added, “When Connecticut’s law was passed, it did not apply to the 11 inmates currently serving on death row. We will continue to look to the judicial system for additional guidance on this rule. But it’s clear that those currently serving on death row will serve the rest of their life in a Department of Corrections facility with no possibility of ever obtaining freedom."

The Connecticut Department of Correction is expected to obtain legal advice in this matter.

Read the ruling from the Connecticut Supreme Court here.