Going Beyond the Three R’s of Criminal Justice Reform –Reentry, Reinvestment and Recidivism
Date:  06-17-2015

Neo-liberalism accused of being a major perpetuator of mass incarceration
Liberals have been at the forefront of reforming criminal justice policies that have given America the nickname of “Incarceration Nation.” But a new argument suggests that neoliberal policies are actually responsible for perpetuating mass incarceration. It is yet to be seen if the term “deficit-allergic neoliberal politics” makes its way in criminal justice reform jargon, but it certainly exists.

Marie Gottschalk writes in her article that appeared in the Boston Review on June 8, “Cost-benefit analysis can't accomplish what deep concern for justice and human rights can, and asserts, "Vested interests will fight against attempts to dismantle the carceral state. Prison guards’ unions, state departments of corrections, law enforcement associations, the private corrections industry, and the financial firms that devise bonds and other mechanisms to fund prison infrastructure all stand in the way of a deep reduction in the incarcerated population."

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Source: PrisonReformMovement