Women Jailed at Rikers Island Not Receiving Acceptable Health Care from Contracted Provider
Date:  06-03-2015

Pharmaceutical errors, delayed care and negligence cited
A recent article in Reentry Central told about the lack of concern prison and jail staff members had for women who were going through withdrawal, which ultimately led to the deaths of some under the care and custody of untrained or negligent corrections officers and their contracted medical personal.

When medical decisions for people who are incarcerated are based on security concerns rather than the need for medical treatment, and when legitimate calls for medical attention are ignored or denied, people are going to suffer or die.

The Intercept reveals the disturbing details about women housed at the Rose M. Singer Center, a jail for women at the notorious Rikers Island, NY jail complex, which is the largest in America. Many of the women incarcerated at Singer have not been sentenced for a crime.

The Intercept’s article might make some people angry, or make some people cry. It is a disturbing look at what happens when corrections contracts with a heath care provider that has consistently received poor reviews. Readers are introduced to women with medical issues who have no other option but to try to survive while their health deteriorates and their pleas for treatment are ignored. Sadly, sometimes the will to survive is not enough.

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