Top Leaders and Experts with Diverse Ideologies Offer Essays on Solutions to End Mass Incarceration
Date:  05-04-2015

From former president Bill Clinton to former NRA president David Keene, advocates for criminal justice reform weigh in with viable solutions
On April 28, The Brennan Center for Justice announced a new book Solutions: American Leaders Speak Out on Criminal Justice that offers essays from a sterling group of bipartisan leaders on how to fix America’s broken criminal justice system. A PDF of the book can be downloaded from the link at the end of this article.

The Brennan Center’s president Michael Waldman wrote in his announcement of the book:

In a remarkable cross-ideological effort, this book includes essays by public figures and experts who will play a leading role in the nation’s debate over the coming year. The book contains original essays by Joseph R. Biden, Jr., Cory Booker, Chris Christie, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Cathy L. Lanier, Martin O’Malley, Janet Napolitano, Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Marco Rubio, Bryan Stevenson, Scott Walker, and Jim Webb, among others. In his foreword, former President William J. Clinton writes, “There is one area where we have a genuine chance at bipartisan cooperation: the over-imprisonment of people who did not commit serious crimes. The drop in violence and crime in America has been an extraordinary national achievement. But plainly, our nation has too many people in prison and for too long — we have overshot the mark.”

This book offers a first-of-its-kind preview of the solutions likely to be debated in the lead up to 2016. There is striking consensus around one idea: the need to reduce mass incarceration. Solutions range from releasing low-level offenders waiting for trial to using federal grants to change police practices … from eliminating prison for low-level drug crimes to increasing mental health treatment.

This effort, spearheaded by our Justice Program director Inimai Chettiar, aims to elevate ending mass incarceration as a vital national issue in need of urgent attention. We look forward to your partnership in the months ahead — as these reforms are debated before the nation.
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