Obama Grants Clemency to 22 People
Date:  04-02-2015

8,700 more people in prison are still hoping they, too, will receive clemency
Earlier this week, when it was announced by the White House that President Obama was announcing that he was granting clemency to federal prisoners, there was hope among people in prison as well as their loved ones. Then it was announced the actual of number of people who would get clemency this time around and, for the majority of federal prisoners who petitioned for clemency, hopes were dashed.

Pro Publica reports that there are still 8,700 people in federal prison who have petitioned for clemency but have not yet received it. So, what can federal prisoners expect from Obama as his term as President winds down?

Annie Waldman attempts to answer that question in her article for Pro Publica. Read Prolific Pardoner? Obama Grants Clemency to 22 Prisoners This Week, But Has Denied Thousands.