Need a Refresher Course on the War on Drugs?
Date:  03-23-2015

Vox gives you a brief history in a matter of minutes
Besides offering articles that add their own pointed and informative views on today’s headlines, the website Vox also offers busy readers a section of card stacks that gives a run down on what one should know about subjects as diverse as the human exploration of Mars and Bitcoin.

For those too young to remember how the war on drugs got started, and for those that who wonder how it got so out of control, Vox offers 22 cards that take readers from “What is the war on drugs” to “How many drugs are seized each year” (which informs us that almost 90 percent of seized drugs are marijuana).

Vox even has a card that tells you how you may ask a question that was not answered in this particular card stack. Be warned, the “Everything you need to know about...” Card Stacks can be addicting.

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