Right on Crime says Texas Voters are Ready for Criminal Justice Reform
Date:  03-18-2015

“Common-sense, conservative reform” is being touted as the key to changing ineffective criminal justice policies
A new poll undertaken by Right on Crime shows that Texans are ready for criminal justice reform in their state. The poll revealed:

  • 73% of voters in Texas strongly support reforms that would allow non-violent drug offenders found guilty of possession to be sent to a drug treatment program instead of jail.

  • Voters agree that we should spend more money on effective treatment programs (61%) rather than spending more money on our prison system (26%).

  • 71% of Texans overwhelmingly believe when it comes to truancy, that the criminal justice system should only be involved in severe cases of chronic truancy.

  • A majority of voters (57%) support legislation that would update the felony threshold to $1500 and adjust annually based on the rate of inflation.

  • A majority (57%) support legislation that would reduce time served, so that they could spend part of their sentence being monitored under community supervision.

    In the announcement of the poll , Right on Crime Policy Director Marc Levin stated “Texans are clearly demanding a different solution to the state’s criminal justice problems, especially when it comes to nonviolent offenders. The primary reason to adopt these policies is that they are the most cost-effective way to fight crime, but it is reassuring to see that average Texans recognize this as well.”

    See the complete poll results here.