A Personal View on Being Incarcerated in Florida
Date:  02-12-2015

Abuse in Florida’s prison system called “… so deeply seated that it is irreparable”
On November 13, 2014 the Miami Herald published an article concerning the pressing need to overhaul the Florida prison system. The next month, the Herald reported that as of December 8, there were 320 deaths of incarcerated people in Florida. The situation in the Florida Department of Corrections is so serious that the Department of Justice has stepped in to investigate.

Recently John Bundy, who is serving multiple life sentences in a Florida prison, wrote an article to express his view about the abuse that a former secretary of the Florida Department of Corrections described as “… so deeply seated that it is irreparable.”

According to PrisonReformMovement, Bundy was placed in solitary confinement after the article was published.

Read Bundy’s account of his experience in An Inside Look at Florida’s Prisons.