The Government’s Role in The High Unemployment Rate of Those with A Criminal Record
Date:  01-23-2015

Over half of people released from prison can’t find a job within a year
Almost four years ago Reentry Central posted two articles concerning the barriers to finding employment that returning citizens face. (See Reentry Central News March 28, 2011, Sixty-Five Million Americans with Criminal History Shunned by Employers, and also March 28, 2011, Have a Job Skill? If You Have a Criminal Conviction You Probably Will Be Banned from Employment in That Field).

Sadly, these issues have not vanished, and have hardly diminished, over the ensuing years. The Washington Post re-examined the same problems regarding unemployed reentrants, and also called on federal and state governments to make meaningful policy changes that will put some teeth into the phrase “second-chance” that is bandied about without much action taking place.

Read the Washington Post article here.