Director of Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction: Invest More in People, Not Prisons
Date:  01-20-2015

Gary Mohr pushes for progressive reform to reduce Ohio’s prison population and to further slash its recidivism rate
It may seem strange to some that Gary Mohr, the Director of Ohio’s Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, would like to keep people out of his state’s prison system, but others might view Mohr as spearheading a new wave of corrections administrators who are determined to solve the problem of mass incarceration rather than add to it.

Mohr was applauded in an editorial published by the Toledo Blade on January 11, 2015. The Blade agrees with Mohr that the time has come to implement more effective prison reform measures. The Blade editorial states:

“Ohio’s goal should not be to manage its prison population. It should be to reduce that population significantly, by acting now to expand cost-effective alternatives to incarceration.”

This forward thinking approach can become a reality, especially when the head of the prison system is on board.

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