Legalization, Decriminalization, and Medical Marijuana Policies: 2015 May Be A Big Year for Changes
Date:  01-15-2015

New policies can reduce arrests and incarceration for thousands
The war on drugs has been denounced as a failure that cost trillions of dollars and ruined the lives of millions of people, particularly those convicted of non-violent drug crimes related to marijuana.

There has been a growing movement, no pun intended, to legalize or decriminalize marijuana usage. Allowing the use of medical marijuana to treat some illnesses has been on the agenda of lawmakers across the country. But, there is also an uptick in the number of people who are working hard to see that marijuana continues to be illegal, and who wish to see the use of medical marijuana banned.

Supporters of easing, if not downright eliminating, laws regarding marijuana have had some major victories over the past few years. The Brookings Institution believes there are more favorable policy changes in 2015.

Here are eight things Brookings says we should look for in 2015.