Proposition 47 is Just First Step in Helping People Get a Second Chance
Date:  01-02-2015

Clean Slate Clinic Fights Helps People Erase Criminal Records
On Setember 9, 2014 Reentry Central posted a study done by Jeffrey Selbin, Clinical Professor of Law at University of California Berkeley School of Law, that detailed how "clean slate” programs help people to clear their criminal records, thereby increasing their earning power.

On December 28, 2014 the LA Times posted an op ed by Selbin, Keramet Ritter, and Eliza Hersh that explians how passage of California’s Proposition 47 may reduce the penalty of a non-violent crime, but it does not reduce the stigma that a conviction carries.

Should a shoplifting conviction be an indelible scarlet letter? Not in California


What exactly is the appropriate punishment for someone who commits a low-level, nonviolent crime? Should a conviction for minor drug possession, shoplifting or writing a bad check result in a lifetime of stigma and denied opportunities, or do people with criminal records deserve a second chance? Read op ed