Successful Reintegration Often Starts with a Successful Reentry Program
Date:  12-31-2014

Ending the year with two more success stories from STRIDE
The STRIDE program was highlighted in Reentry Central’s “In the Spotlight” feature on July 14, 2014 for its work in helping those with a criminal history obtain employment. Reentry Central would like to end 2014 with some stories of successful reintegration, thanks to STRIDE.

The STRIDE program’s job developers work with the state of Connecticut and Connecticut business owners to promote the hiring of people who are deserving of a second chance, and are qualified for a job position.

Once again the STRIDE Program was featured on Fox Connecticut’s television program “The Real Story.” This segment was focused on the difficulties people who are newly released from prison and jail encounter when trying to find employment, and on employers who have discovered the “redemptive value of hiring someone with a criminal history.”

The two short, inspiring videos below show the positive outcome when corrections, community organizations, business owners, and motivated people who want to turn their lives around all come together to make successful reintegration a reality.

(Editor’s note: the video descriptions as posted by Fox CT News are not in the correct order).

Video one

Video two