The Similarities Between Women in Prison in The U.S. and Britain
Date:  12-17-2014

Two reports reveal that women are subjected to policies designed for men
Reentry Central posted "Ten Facts on Women Engaged in the Criminal Justice System" on February 14, 2014. On December 9, the National Institute of Corrections sent out a link to the "Ten Facts" report and included a companion piece, "Women in Prison: The Cycle of Violence."

The National Institute of Corrections (NCI) wrote:

"Although the number of women in the prison systems are different, the issues surrounding incarcerated women in both the U.S. and Britain have many similarities. Highlighting those similarities are two reports: "Ten Truths that Matter when Working with Justice Involved Women" by the National Resource Center on Justice Involved Women, and "Women in Prison: the Cycle of Violence" by British Open Democracy.

The NCI introduction to Ten Truths that Matter when Working with Justice Involved Women reads:

This document reviews ten truths about justice involved women—gleaned from the research over the last few decades —that must be recognized if we are to successfully manage this population, achieve greater reductions in recidivism, and improve public safety outcomes. It is our hope that by understanding these truths, criminal justice policymakers and practitioners will be more aware of gender differences and take steps to enhance their approaches to managing justice involved women”). Some of these truths are: women are a fast-growing criminal justice population, yet they pose a lower public safety risk than men; traditional criminal justice policies and practices have largely been developed through the lens of managing men, not women; gender responsive assessment tools can enhance case management efforts with justice involved women; women are more likely to respond favorably when criminal justice staff adhere to evidence-based, gender responsive principles; and the costs of overly involving women in the criminal justice system are high.

Read Ten Truths that Matter when Working with Justice Involved Women.

The shared similarities of women incarcerated in America and Britain are revealed in Women in Prison: The Cycle of Violence.