Arkansas Department of Community Corrections Outlines Plans to Reduce Recidivism
Date:  12-05-2014

Recommendations include hiring more parole officers, initiating “pay for success” programs, and starting its own business to employ people on parole
The City Wire reports that 10,000 people will be released from Arkansas prisons over the next year and that in the past the three-year recidivism rate has been a whopping 47 percent.

In an effort to reduce recidivism the Arkansas Department of Community Corrections (ADCC )offered a list of recommendations to Arkansas State Legislators. One of the top recommendations was to hire over 200 more parole officers, not surprising since the ADCC is in charge of those on parole and probation.

The ADCC also recommended implementing a “pay for success’ program where private investors fund a program that reduces recidivism, for example, and if the program is successful the investors receive a return on their capital. If the program doesn’t meet the goal of reducing recidivism it is no longer funded. If the program is successful the state uses the money that would have been used for re-incarceration to fund other social programs.

The City Wire also reports that the ADCC suggests that the state open Community reentry centers where people eligible for parole would be sent so they could find a job and be reunited with their families. But, probably the most unique idea is that the ADCC would like to open its own businesses so that people on parole could find a job easier and faster.

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