Resources Available to Reduce Street Group Violence
Date:  11-13-2014

Helpful information provided on tracking violent street groups and engaging members of these groups in an effort to reduce violence
The National Network for Safe Communities (NNSC) has issued two publications that focus on reducing group violence.

The NNSC announcement, sent out on November 12, reads:

The National Network for Safe Communities has released two new publications through the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office), adding to its portfolio of important resources that have helped to reduce street group-related violence in distressed communities across the country. The two new releases, Custom Notifications: Individualized Communication in the Group Violence Intervention, and Managing the Group Violence Intervention: Using Shooting Scorecards to Track Group Violence, both support innovations to the Group Violence Intervention (GVI), a proven model for reducing violent crime through direct engagement with street group members by a partnership of community members, law enforcement, and social service providers.

“The release of these publications is a milestone in the National Network’s violence prevention work. The approaches they detail – one for tracking the most violent street groups in a city and the other for communicating with the highest risk individuals in those street groups – represent tremendous advances in the ability of the police and the communities they serve to collaborate in focusing on those who drive the violence and stop the next shooting before it happens. These guides are important tools for the people doing this work in the field,” says David Kennedy, Director of the National Network for Safe Communities