Lawyers File Amended Lawsuit on Behalf of Transgender Teen
Date:  10-23-2014

Lawyer calls treating her like a boy in a male detention center while giving her hormone therapy is a “schizophrenic approach”
On April 10, 2014 Reentry Central posted an article about a transgender teenager who was sent to an adult female prison in Connecticut even though she was not charged with a crime. The teen self-identifies herself as a female although she was born a male. In court documents and in the media she is known as “Jane Doe.”

Reentry Central has followed the Jane Doe story (see Reentry Central 4-10-14, 4-16-14, 5-12-14. 6-25-14, and 7-17-14.) Her sad story continues as her lawyers filed an amended lawsuit with new, disturbing allegations.

The court documents tell of horrific abuse Jane Doe suffered while under the custody of the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF).That Jane Doe was locked up in an adult prison although she was not charged with a crime, and that she was being held in what amounted to solitary confinement brought outrage and condemnation of DCF from around the world. Jane Doe is now being held in a boy’s detention center, and was told that she could be put in general population if she so chooses. Wisely, Jane Doe chose not to take the detention center up on their offer because she fears she would be assaulted and harassed.

The Connecticut Law Tribune reports that Aaron Romano, one of Jane Doe’s lawyers complained that although DCF is providing her with hormone therapy she is being treated as a boy, a move Romano describes as a “schizophrenic approach by DCF.” Advocates of Jane Doe want to see her moved out of a boy’s facility and given mental health treatment.

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