Inventorying Housing for Reintegrating People
Date:  10-20-2014

Fort Worth Reentry coalition provides directory that also allows community members to rate reentry housing programs in their neighborhoods
Concerned that some people released from prison were being sent to live in “questionable” housing programs, Steve Gordon, the founder of the Strategic Reentry Group, (SRG) and members of a local reentry coalition in Fort Worth, Texas set out to put together a useful inventory of available housing in their area.

Gordon and the coalition discovered 14 types of housing programs, some of which were not directly set up for people released from prison, but met that need, such as housing programs for veterans to which veterans who recently got out of jail or prison could apply.

In putting together the housing directory Gordon found out what many who work with returning citizens already know—many reentry programs do not like to share resources on housing, employment or other services because the organizations wish to provide scarce resources to their own clients.

After careful inventorying, the Strategic Reentry Group coalition put together the directory, which will be updated periodically. One of the unique features of the directory is that it allows community members to rate organizations or programs included in the directory, and also the services they provide, in effort to weed out those that don’t conform to best practices.

Other reentry professionals might use this model to put together their own directory. See SRG’s model here.

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