In the Spotlight: Hudson County Correctional Center’s Integrity House Program is Winning the Battle against Recidivism
Date:  10-16-2014

Integrity House annually helps 2,400 adults and adolescents fight addiction
Reentry Central put out a call for successful reentry organizations or programs to be presented in our “In the Spotlight” feature. Our goal is to share with our readers best practices in reducing recidivism. We are pleased to present the following information on Integrity House as our featured organization this week.

Robert J. Budsock, President and CEO of Integrity House responded to our query about why the organization is so successful by stating, “Integrity House recognizes that acute interventions are only part of the path to achieving physical, mental and social wellbeing. The critical component for success is that the initial treatment provided within the correctional center must be followed by a continuum of services for the individual as they return to their communities. It's here where the collaboration between the government agencies and providers of services in the community must work together to achieve the lasting success that we are experiencing in Hudson County.”

The following information, provided by Integrity House, gives an overview of the program, its goals and positive results:

The flagship Integrity House program at the Hudson County Correctional Center (HCCC) in Kearny, New Jersey, continues to gain attention and recognition nationwide for its effectiveness in providing men and women with therapeutic community substance abuse treatment to address histories of addiction and recovery support. Committed to bringing positive, long-term, lifestyle change, Integrity House is a nationally recognized non-profit substance abuse rehabilitation organization that serves as the largest treatment facility funded and licensed by the State of New Jersey and provides substance abuse treatment and support services for almost 2,400 adult and adolescent addicts each year. Integrity House offers a multitude of state-licensed programs, including Adult Residential, Adolescent Residential, Halfway House Partial Care, Intensive Outpatient, Corrections, Aftercare, and Supportive Housing, in addition to prevention, intervention, and educational services.

Integrity House’s unique program at the HCCC, which first began serving women in 2011, focuses on substance abuse treatment of inmates prior to their release in a therapeutic community environment. Through the Integrity House program at the HCCC, clients participate in a four phase treatment modality of care, and receive a variety of recovery-oriented services and participate in groups and seminars on important issues relevant to their addiction, including: individual counseling sessions, relapse prevention, anger management, personal issues, domestic violence and trauma, grief and loss, encounter/conflict resolution, parenting skills, life skills, women’s issues, self-esteem building, addiction education, and NA/AA meetings. Since instituting the women’s program at the HCCC four years ago, a men’s program was opened. Integrity House also has a unique partnership with Hudson County’s reintegration department to assist both male and female clients receive skilled training, identify work and obtain employment, so they can reclaim their lives and successfully reenter the workforce.

These programs have significantly reduced recidivism rates, and as a result of its success is one of only two jail programs in the country to have been reauthorized for funding by the United States Department of Justice through 2015. Bucking the national average 66 percent rate of recidivism, the women who have completed the Integrity House program have achieved colossal strides, with a recidivism rate of only 25 percent as a result of the intense inmate therapy and community integration assistance that is provided. These results support the effectiveness and positive cost-benefits to the state, and reinforce the need for the government to provide additional support for programs such as this one.

“Our program at the Hudson County Correctional Center has achieved monumental strides in significantly reducing the recidivism rate, as a result of the intense inmate therapy and community integration assistance we provide,” said Joe Sweeney, Senior Director of Integrity House. “We are 100 percent committed to assisting those in need to gain stability back in their life and break the grip of substance abuse. It is so rewarding to instill a sense of hope back in our members, help them set goals, kick their addiction to the curb, and achieve personal and professional development so they can reenter the workforce following their release.”

In addition to serving adult substance abusers, the population of the HCCC program also includes COD clients, HIV clients, parole/probation clients and bi-lingual clients, serving anyone regardless of race, creed, religion, sexual preference, cultural or ethnic background or handicap.

Visit the Integrity House website here.