Former Warden Weighs in on His Opposition to Death Penalty
Date:  10-13-2014

“State’s avenger” is plagued by faces of those executed on his watch
The debate over the death penalty is still raging in many states. Both sides offer their reasoning as to why the death penalty should be administered, or why the death penalty should be banned. But, sometimes opposition to the death sentence comes from an unlikely source.

In an article that appeared in Kentucky’s Journal Courier Allen Ault, a former warden in that state lays out the reasons that he takes a personal stance against the death penalty, including that it is not a deterrent against committing a capital crime.

Ault dives deeper into more personal reasons why he is against the death penalty, citing the tragic effects that state-paid executioners experience. The collateral consequences of developing into a “serial killer,” as Ault describes those who carry out the death penalty, is a topic often ignored in death penalty debates.

Ault was chastised for not being suitable for the position of warden by a Kentucky prosecutor who felt Ault should have embraced executions instead of questioning the morality of state-approved killings.

Ault is no longer a warden. He has moved on to a position as Dean at of the College of Justice & Safety at Eastern Kentucky University, but in his own words he describes how he still has nightmares featuring the men who were put to death while he was his “state’s avenger.”

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