How Crisis Intervention Training Keeps the Mentally Ill Alive and Out of Jail
Date:  10-10-2014

CIT saves the lives of the mentally ill and police officers, as well saving millions of dollars
Mentally ill people are tasered, locked up and shot. Mental illness shouldn’t be considered a crime, nor should it warrant a death sentence. Fortunately, cities across the country are training first responders how to bring a crisis situation to a safer and more effective outcome for all involved.

The Nation reports on the initiation of Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) given to police officers around the country which has reduced the number of deaths of mentally ill people and, most certainly, police officers and first responders. CIT is also responsible for keeping mentally ill out of jail and instead helping them to receive treatment.

The concept of CIT isn’t new. Memphis, Tennessee began CIT training of police officers over 25 years ago. Cities that use CIT save taxpayers millions of dollars in incarceration costs. CIT has also reduced the overtime costs of police officers force to guard mentally ill arrestees in hospital.

But one major city has failed to offer CIT to their police officers. New York City has seen more than its share of notorious cases of mentally ill people being killed by police. The Nation thinks it is time that CIT is required for all NYC police officers, and with good reason.

Read what The Nation’s article says about how NYC can learn from cities who train their officers in crisis intervention. and watch the video to see how San Antonio, Texas has used CIT with amazing results.