Candid Conversations with Newly Released Men
Date:  10-08-2014

From sex to sunflower seeds, reintegrating men open up to someone who wasn’t afraid to talk to them
Not many people would strike up a conversation with those that have just been released from prison, especially when the conversation takes place in the cramped confinement of a bus on a 10 hour journey.

But fortunately Amy Finkel, a writer, filmmaker, designer and photographer did just that and her photo essay for The Gothamist gives readers a rare glimpse into the minds of several men, who moments before were dropped off by correctional officers at a bus station in upstate New York.

The conversation ranged from sex to sunflower seeds, with a mixture of what got them sent to prison and the harshness of prison life. The men allowed Finkel to ask questions, and got her to open up a bit about herself, which seemed only fair.

Finkel also photographed some of the men. Finkel’s essay and photographs help drive home the message that newly released people are filled with hope, however tentative, that this time their reintegration into the community will be successful, and reminding those who work with transitioning individuals to help keep that hope alive.

Read Photo Essay: 10 Hours on a Bus With Newly Released Prisoners.