Senior Citizens Released From Prison: Freedom or Fear?
Date:  10-01-2014

It’s a whole new, and often scary, world for elderly returning citizens
In the past Reentry Central has written about people who spent decades in prisons only to have the doors swing open one day to find themselves released back into society broke, homeless, jobless, alone, scared, often in poor health, and confounded about mobile phones, computers and a raft of modern technological advances that seem to them to be the incarnations of sci-fi gadgets they viewed in the movies of their youth.

Reentry Central has also written about the stellar reentry organizations that take newly released elderly people under their wings and try their best to help them to become, if not entirely whole again, at least patched up enough to gain a toe-hold in the baffling new world of reintegration.

Vikki Law, a well respected writer whose work often reflects articles concerning the urgent need for meaningful criminal justice and sentencing reform, wrote a vivid piece for The Gothamist that allows readers to vicariously experience what it’s like to be a senior citizen coming out of prison and entering an unfamiliar, and often times, scary world.

Read about senior reentrants and the organizations that are helping them cope in Law’s article You're Old & Finally Out Of Prison: What Happens Now?